The Power Of The Problem (sm)

Market(s) Disruption = Innovation(s) Domain

We are in the midst of a significant transformation:

#1 = Explosion of Innovation = Speed + Frequency + Convergence

#2 = Digital Disruption

Advanced Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Clean Energy / Smart Grid 

Cloud Computing 


Internet of Things (IoT) 

Mobile + Payments 


#3 = Platform + Subscription Economy

And so much more - all at the same time.   

So, what’s broken?  

The real challenge lies within the complexities involved and the gaps between the Acceleration + Application + Adoption of Innovation.

The More Disruptive the Innovation = The More Complex the Adoption


The Problem Incubator (SM)

Our "virtual" Problem Incubator is designed, structured and dedicated to helping the C-Suite and their organizations fix strategic business problems.  We are tackling either new problems or existing problems in a new and unique way.  

Through the Acceleration + Application + Adoption of Innovation.   

As Fixers - we prototype one strategic business problem at a time - with full operational responsibility and financial accountability.   


  1. Problem: Identification
  2. Problem: Application 
  3. Problem: Qualification
  4. Problem: Conversion
  5. Problem: Operational
  6. Problem: Financial 


#1 - Prove which strategic business problem(s) need to be fixed - that senior executives need to and will invest in fixing - which can be fixed in part/in whole by the specific innovation that was submitted to the incubator. 

#2 - Fix the problem - operationally.

#3 - Secure the return - financially. 

The Buyers + Sellers + Investors of Innovation All Win In This Equation.  

Our Problem Portfolio

Blockchain Blazers (sm)

Blockchain is truly revolutionizing our operations - by fundamentally shrinking the complexity around what it takes for businesses to work together. 

Cloud Catalysts

There are a # of business catalysts for why an organization should move to the cloud.  There are also a number of problems that will prevent them from living there.

Energy Intervention (sm)

"8 in 10 businesses agree that their companys' view on energy is shifting from merely a cost to an opportunity to reduce risk, improve resilience, and create value." ~Deloitte 

Environmental Eclipse (sm)

Look at any road map out there - we're on the cusp and poised to fix some of the most pressing environmental problems - through the next generation of innovation. 

Everywhere Customer Care

Our organizations are now having to move quickly to provide high quality, personalized, and affordable customer care - any kind - anytime – anywhere. 

Healthcare Quorum (sm)

For far too long, healthcare has been handcuffed by all of their constraints and their barriers to innovation.  Now is the time to breakthrough to achieve what is possible.    

Our Problem Portfolio

Manufacturing Mojo (sm)

Now is the time to make manufacturing "smarter" - by fixing the critical problems with operational integrity + certainty - and its financial impact on the business.  

Research & Development v4.0

Innovation as applied to the "iterative incremental improvement demanded by the marketplace and investors" is not enough.  We need the big breakthroughs to fix the impossible.  

Roof Artisans (sm)

Roofs - which are an operational + financial asset - are undergoing a transformation - with new innovations in their "preparation + protection + preservation + promotion."  

Spraying Savvy (sm)

The # of  industries that are vulnerable + liable - because of their inability to  spray with the precision + accuracy that is critically needed is  staggering.   

Streaming Supply Chain (sm)

The key is to apply a "consumption-based" model - which requires the convergence of physical + clinical + informational + operational + financial - in real time. 

Talent Equilibrium (sm)

As the demand for critical talent continues to outpace and outstrip the supply - organizations will have to shift... 

from "competition" to  "co-opetition."

The Problem Connection (SM)

With the acceleration of discontinuous innovation - the need for and the opportunity exists for leaders to work together - to solve even more critical + complex strategic and operational problems.

The Problem Connection (SM) - is an invitation-only series of meetups for CXO and VP-level executives = Entrepreneurs + Enterprise.

Goal: To  learn from others re: the problem(s) we still need to fix - and to share what we have learned re: the problem(s) we have already fixed.

Our Problem Solvers

Hunter Barrow

Head of Talent

Clarke Bishop

Problem Architect

Howard Fields

Managing Director

Innovation Networks

Denise Figueroa

Head of Technology

Eric Gold

Head of Engineering

Brad Lyon

Managing Director


Our Problem Solvers

Judy Mod

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Bill Naylor

Head of Environmental

Dan Webber

Chief Innovation Officer

What Problem(s) do you need to fix?

To stay on top of the new problem(s) we are tackling...

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